Referencing photographs taken by her late father, Audrey Heyman (b. 1989) examines her childhood growing up in New Mexico as a series of self portraits seen through the lens of an eccentric stay-at-home dad. The series explores his perspective as he raised her and how much of her identity was formed by their time together. After his unexpected death in 2017, Audrey was left searching for a sense of closure and connection within their complicated past. The paintings all depict a time when the artist’s relationship with her father was at its best, and by recreating these images larger than life, she became fully immersed in the significant moments they shared with one another. Audrey found the process to be profoundly healing as she navigated the intricate landscape of grief.

The four pieces each feel like a moment frozen in time, offering viewers an almost voyeuristic window into her unconventional childhood set against the sun-bleached backdrop of the American Southwest. The surreal compositions are a testament to her father’s own artistic eye: young Audrey framed thoughtfully amongst deconstructed motorcycles, beloved family pets, clutter, and expansive desert skies.

Extending beyond the deeply personal narrative, common motifs of 90s middle-class Americana are present throughout. As viewers are invited into these intimate moments of Audrey’s past, she hopes they are left with their own sense of familiar nostalgia as well.

Up Dawg, Acrylic, 36"x48"

Visions, Acrylic, 48"x60"

Dinosaurs, Acrylic, 48"x60"

La Veta Drive, Acrylic, 48"x60"

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